May 25

Possibilities House welcomes 3 new Children

Possibilities House is very excited to introduce 3 new children that were recently added to our family. Please join us it giving your love and support to Vanessa, Monse, and Angel as we take them into our family and work towards giving them the lives they deserve to have a chance at. 


Monse (mon see), born February 20th, 2007, is a very boisterous happy young girl who loves dolls and all things girly.  She is bright and well spoken although she tries to get all her thoughts out as fast as possible.  Her excitement is infectious! Vanessa, born March 6th, 2006is an easy-going fun-loving girl with a heart of gold.  She loves to please and is eager to help in every situation.  She is one easy girl to have around!                                 Angel, born December 12th, 2004, appears tough when you first meet him but he is a noble, sensitive and compassionate young man.  While only with us for a short time, he has become a quick leader and example to the younger boys.


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