Dec 08

New 100 Leaders Initiative

Possibilities House for Children is looking for 100 Leaders to help us continue with our mission to Rescue, Restore, and Redeem abanonded and at-risk children.  As part of this very special new initiative, Possibilities House is looking for 100 people that will form an exclusive group of individuals with a common to goal to make an impactful and lasting change in the lives of some children that really need our help.  As part of 100 Leaders Group, you make a one-time $1000 donation a year.  The cumulative $100,000 raised will serve to provide the ongoing support of the children we rescue. Everyday essential needs such as nutritious food, clean drinking water, clothing, shelter, basic medical expenses and educational expenses, as well as house hold costs.   It also helps provide a salary for the couple whose lives are focused on raising and parenting the children in our family-style homes.  As a member of the 100 Leaders Group, we will provided you with a quarterly newsletter with our progress or any exciting news we have as we make an impactful change in the lives of the children we support.  We will also provide access to a private Facebook Group where we will post news stories and items regarding our operations and the children you are helping. 

If you are interested in being one of our 100 Leaders, just click here to get started.

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