Dec 08

New 100 Leaders Initiative

Possibilities House for Children is looking for 100 Leaders to help us continue with our mission to Rescue, Restore, and Redeem abanonded and at-risk children.  As part of this very special new initiative, Possibilities House is looking for 100 people that will form an exclusive group of individuals with a common to goal to make an impactful and lasting change in the lives of some children that really need our help.  As part of 100 Leaders Group, you make a one-time $1000 donation a year.  The cumulative $100,000 raised will serve to provide the ongoing support of the children we rescue. Everyday essential needs such as nutritious food, clean drinking water, clothing, shelter, basic medical expenses and educational expenses, as well as house hold costs.   It also helps provide a salary for the couple whose lives are focused on raising and parenting the children in our family-style homes.  As a member of the 100 Leaders Group, we will provided you with a quarterly newsletter with our progress or any exciting news we have as we make an impactful change in the lives of the children we support.  We will also provide access to a private Facebook Group where we will post news stories and items regarding our operations and the children you are helping. 

If you are interested in being one of our 100 Leaders, just click here to get started.

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May 25

Possibilities House welcomes 3 new Children

Possibilities House is very excited to introduce 3 new children that were recently added to our family. Please join us it giving your love and support to Vanessa, Monse, and Angel as we take them into our family and work towards giving them the lives they deserve to have a chance at. 


Monse (mon see), born February 20th, 2007, is a very boisterous happy young girl who loves dolls and all things girly.  She is bright and well spoken although she tries to get all her thoughts out as fast as possible.  Her excitement is infectious! Vanessa, born March 6th, 2006is an easy-going fun-loving girl with a heart of gold.  She loves to please and is eager to help in every situation.  She is one easy girl to have around!                                 Angel, born December 12th, 2004, appears tough when you first meet him but he is a noble, sensitive and compassionate young man.  While only with us for a short time, he has become a quick leader and example to the younger boys.


Click on the child to go directly to their sponsorship page.

or you can go to








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Oct 26

Join us for High Tea on Saturday November 28th

Nestleton Waters InnPossibilities House For Children, in partnership with Nestleton Waters Inn is pleased to present our first annual High Tea event on Saturday, November 28th, 2015.  Choose to come at either our 12:30 pm sitting or our 3:00 pm sitting.   This memorable experience will pamper your senses with sights, smells, tastes and sounds as you basque in this luxuriously intimate environment.


PHFC High TeaInvite a friend or family member to share in the delectable three course menu served in a selection of vintage crystal, fine china and silver.  Begin with a delicious fruit salad to cleanse your palate and prepare you for the savoury second course.  Freshly baked scones will melt in your mouth as you drizzle them with locally preserved jams and jellies.  Clotted cream will also be available to give your traditional English biscuits that “over the pond” flavour.  Tea sandwiches ranging from traditional Waldorf Chicken to English Cucumber to Oma’s famous Egg Salad to Curried Chicken Salad will delight your taste buds during this course as well.   Your tea cup will always be hot and full as you work your way through our menu finishing up with a decadent desserts featuring home baked sweets including White Chocolate Raspberry filled shortbreads, Maple Pecan mini Cheesecakes, Harvest Pumpkin Loaf, Brown-Eyed Beverley’s, and Celebratory Cocoa Rum Balls to name a few.

Be entranced by our acoustic live entertainment as you dine.  Property tours of the Inn will be available as you linger at Nestleton and enjoy an historic horse and carriage ride in the crisp, country air.  Our professional photographer will capture the experience for you and your guests.  Plan to take a remembrance of your experience home with you by purchasing a one-of-a-kind fascinator or participating in our Floral Centerpiece Auction lovingly prepared by gifted artisans.  Each guest will receive a swag bag filled with treats and shopping vouchers offered by our corporate sponsors.

Tickets cost $75 per person and are available online at our website (Click Here) or by contacting Blair Pike by email at  or by text or phone at 416-722-4266. Seating is limited, please do not be disappointed – – purchase your tickets today.
Opportunities for corporate sponsorship are still available. Information can be found 2015 – High Tea corporate sponsorship  Please contact Blair for information about how your business can be a featured partner in this event.

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Oct 23

PHFC Rescues 5 Siblings – Help us Restore Them

Our 5 New Siblings with our Operations Directors Rick and Lisa

A few months ago we became aware of a tragic case that caught our attention.  Tragedy had struck a family of 8 children, who suddenly became orphaned after they lost their mom to cancer with their father having previously abandoned them.  Eight children, ranging in age from 5 to 17, were suddenly left alone to fend for themselves in a 2 room shack with no food, little clothing, and no income.  The children quickly became street kids running through the neighborhood at all hours.  The 15 and 16 year old boys started drinking, doing drugs, and beating on the younger ones.  The 17 year old daughter tried to keep order, but quickly lost the battle to the boys and the thugs that would hang around them.  The 12 year old daughter was in physical danger from the thugs, and the small boys were running around the street begging for some food.

When deciding what to do, we were torn.  We had only been open for 5 months and given our new status, our current financial support and donations for the home are not yet at levels to enable us to meet our current operational budget (we are running a deficit).  As such, we were in no financial position to responsibly take in 5 more children.  However, something had to be done before these children met with a very horrific future.   A placement at Possibilities House offered this family Hope.  The kids would have a great chance to grow up in a family-style home, cared for by a ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’, rather than being another kid lost in an institutional setting or worse.  Most of the children would be able to stay together as a family, and we have trained staff and programming committed to helping these kids catch-up from educational lags, and heal from the psychological and physical traumas they experienced.  So as an organization we acted, as we should have, and we rescued these beautiful kids from the street, with the hope that more support will come in the near future. A few weeks ago, we received the youngest 5 children:  Cesar, age 5; Juan, age 6; Fernando, age 8; Eduardo, age 10, and Alondra, age 12.  Their older two brothers and sister will be living elsewhere.
The first morning when they awoke here at Possibilities House we sat and asked little Juan how he slept during the first night in his new home.  He said, “In MY bed. It’s just for me!  Just for me.”  Juan and his 7 siblings always slept on 3 mattresses on the floor. Never in his life had he slept alone.  A single bed just for him was an unbelievable luxury.  About a week later one of our staff was speaking to him again and his comment was, “Do you know we have food here EVERY DAY!”  Yes, we had food everyday Juan. Sometimes we take the basics of life for granted.  Not these kids.  The smiles, the hugs and the beautiful way they have adapted to their new home speaks so loudly to the lost cases they were before.  We are helping them grieve the loss of mom for the first time and showing them what a loving safe environment looks and feels like.  The once dark future is looking quite bright and the children are very thankful.  You can tell by the joy they bring to our home!
Meet our Kids

Meet our Kids

We are still a long way from being able to support them fully.  For that we need your help, you are the secret to giving them the life that they deserve.  Please help us help them.
Please go to Sponsor a Child on our Donation Centre and support one of our kids.  Watch the change, watch the growth… be part of their lives. It’s worth the investment. 
Sponsorship Options:

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Sep 21

PHFC Introduces New Donation Centre

5-Point Plan-DonateAt Possibilities House we really value your support, for we exist only with your support.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get involved, so we pleased to announce and introduce the new Possibilities House For Children Donation Centre.  The new donation centre offers a wide variety of donation and sponsorship opportunities that enable you, our valued supporters, to offer your support in a way that best serves your interests and your budgets.   

Within the new donation centre there are now several new options to give and offer your support on either a monthly or on a one-time basis.

You can Sponsor a Child through our new “Restore Possibilities Child Sponsorship” offering that connects you to an individual child as a “Tio” or “Tia” (Uncle or Aunt).  You can sponsor a child’s Casa where the children live as a family with our staff house parents through our “Rescue Possibilities Sponsorship” offering, or you can just give any amount that suits your budget in the “Monthly“or “One-Time” Donations area.

Sometimes a donor really likes to know that their support is being utilized for a very specific “Needs-Based” purpose that is very near and dear to them.  For example: a school teacher often wants to ensure that children are getting an edcuation, so they like to give to support school supplies or uniforms, or a doctor really wants to ensure a child is getting proper health services so they like to use their donations to support that, or you are a Music or Sports fanatic so you want to ensure the children get opportunities to experience the Arts or Sports.   Sometimes a donor just wants to help contribute to an item or service that we really need help with, like a Van for transporting the kids.  If this is you, we are introducing our “Sponsor a Need Program“.

How about the gift of giving a gift. Possibilities House now offers “Gift Vouchers that you can send to your friends, family, customers, or colleague as a Happy Birthday, a Thank You, or in Memory of a special someone, and with Christmas fast approaching its a great way to give a special Christmas Gift to someone.

Want to attend an event?  Now in our new “Events and Fundraising” area you can view what events are coming up, get information on who to contact or how you can help, and even purchase and register right from the Donation Centre.

Your gift can transform the life of child. By choosing any of the new options, know that your charitable donation is giving both hope and a brighter future to those that are the most vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned children.
Thank You for your Support!




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