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Why We Support Fundraising

“Purchasing and operating an Orphanage comes along with a rather significant price tag; however, we do it because we exist to house, nourish, nurture, educate, and rehabilitate children. In doing so we provide them hope and offer an environment that encourages them to recognize their potential for a future of unlimited possibilities.” 

Rick & Lisa Bursey



We at Possibilities House are very fortunate that we have, and are discovering, many family, friends, followers, partners, companies, and chari ties that are committed to helping us meet our goals, and forever change the lives of the orphaned children in our care.  We are so Thankful for all their help… all YOUR help!

Over the past several months we have had some discussions on how we can better enable our family, friends, followers, partners, companies, and charities with their fundraising activities in support of Possibilities House. With that said, we would like to introduce our new dedicated Fundraising Pages program to recognize, advertise, and support your fundraising activities, and to enable you to accept electronic donations submissions.

Here is how the program works:

  1. Identify a specific need of Possibilities House that you want to support (i.e. a new passenger van), or like many, you can just support our general operations fund (a minimum goal of $500 is recommended)
  2. Come up with great fundraising idea that you want to run
    1. Sponsorship for an activity you perform, as an individual or group, like a 5km, 10km, half or full marathon, triathlon, bike ride…
    2. Dance or Banquet, Double Up Dinner Night…
    3. Golf Tournament, Car rally, Motorbike Ride…
    4. … your idea goes here
  3. Write up you idea including your plan and goals, and send it to us at to
  4. We will look at your idea,  discuss how we can help you, and provide you with you feedback
  5. When you are ready to market your activity, we can create a dedicated Fundraising Page for you, and a link to that page, so you can share it with all your supporters
  6. Your new page will include a customized electronic donations mechanism (paypal, credit card), and a progress meter so you can set your goals and see where you stand
  7. We could even create a post on our social media sites to help you create awareness of your activity

We hope you frequently visit the Fundraising Links to see what is new, and support your family, friends, companies, and charities with their fundraising activities.

If you are interested in setting up your own Fundraiser Activity Page, in support of Possibilities House, please send at e-mail to

THANK YOU for your support.