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Possibilities House Mexico

Rick and Lisa Bursey – Mexico Operations Directors

Rick&LisaFormerly of Ontario Canada, Rick and Lisa Bursey have spent their lives leading children.  Rick has extensive experience with marginalized youth and children of all ages.  He spent more than 20 years providing training, counseling and running programs as a director of local youth groups.  Rick also worked with incarcerated youth that were convicted of violent crimes, giving supervision, teaching life skills, and providing one-on-one counselling. As a singer/ song-writer, he performed as a children’s entertainer and motivational speaker in schools.

Lisa graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Child Development.  Later she completed a Bachelor of Education Degree at the University of Toronto.  As an elementary school teacher for 14 years, she was involved in the development and initiation of new school programs and procedures for the provincial school system.  Several years were spent teaching in Toronto inner-city schools, adapting programs to suit needs of children from a vast variety of ethnicities and cultures.

During these latter years the Burseys led several groups of youth to do humanitarian work amongst poor families in Mexico.  With each trip, Rick and Lisa longed to be a greater voice for orphaned and abandoned Mexican children.   In 2008 the Bursey’s left their careers, sold their home, and moved with their sons Alex and Jackson to Linares, Mexico.

Rick and Lisa have spent the last 6 years working in the community with government workers as well as the poor, building the infrastructure that is now allowing them to open this new orphanage project in Linares.  Possibilities House or Casa Posibilidades, is a labour of love that will set a new standard for children’s homes in Linares region and potentially nation-wide.


Cesar and Wendy Torres – Serenity House Parents


Cesar and Wendy were raised here in Linares and were married in November of 2016.  Both of them studied computer programming in college but feel very called to work with us here at Possibilities House.  They are now our Serenity House parents.  Cesar grew up in a children’s home himself and knows all the tricks that little orphan boys like to play.  Wendy is a rural gal who knows how to keep them all in line! They are a wonderful addition to our home. It is fun to watch our boys growing and changing under their parental guidance. In additional to his role with us, he is studying Computer Engineering at the Technological Institute of Linares, the university campus that is directly across the highway from our children’s home. 



Daniel and Marlen – Harmony House Parents


Daniel and Marlen are our Harmony House parents.  They come to us with a lot of experience having lived and worked in two other children’s homes in the past.  They have two children of their own who set a great example for our other kids. When interviewing Daniel and Marlen we were most impressed with the fact that before they even took the interview with us they consulted Laura and Abraham. They said that if their kids were not willing to make the sacrifice then they could not consider the position. Fortunately for us, but mostly for our children at Possibilities House, both of their children were very excited to move here! We are blessed to have them!





Alejandra Pedraza – Psychologist

Alejandra PedrazaOur psychologist’s name is Alejandra Pedraza. She grew up locally in Linares, and earned her Bachelor of Psychology degree in 2009.  Alejandra, in additional to working with Possibilities House, treats patients and their families in her private clinic, and teaches courses in psychology and business ethics at the local university.  She also works part-time with kids from kindergarten to Grade 8 in the public school system.  She specializes with kids suffering with behavioral and emotional issues such as aggression, coping with trauma and abuse, low self-esteem, and bullying.  Alejandra will use her skill and experience in these areas with the children in our home, and will work with our 5-point development plan to define and deal with the traumas our children have experienced, give them social and emotional support, and help our team develop and implement healthy individual life programs for each of the children.



Martha Elena Quiroga – Social Worker

Martha Elena QuirogaOur social worker’s name is Martha Elena Quiroga. Martha graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Nuevo Leon.  Since that time, Martha Elena has been working as a social worker in the public school system, and teaching various courses at 3 different universities.  In 2010, Martha Elena assisted in the initiation of Linares’ municipal branch of the government’s “Defense of Children and Families (DIF)” legal office (which is similar to children’s services in Canada).  In her role she was responsible for rescuing children from abusive or negligent situations, and placing them into government custody.  Over time however, she came to the realization that her passion ran deeper than just rescuing these kids, as 9 out of 10 of the orphans in traditional institution care ended up with a life of extreme poverty, crime, and unspeakable events in the sex trade and human trafficking.   Within Possibilities house Martha will work on the social development skills of the children within our 5-point development plan, and assist the children, and whatever relatives are in their lives, to create and understand healthy family connections and community interaction.


Maria Luisa Salazar – Administrative Coordinator

Maria Luisa SalazarMaria Luisa is our Administrative Coordinator in México, and one incredibly well known and respected lady in Linares.  She is the glue that holds Possibilities House together.  Maria Luisa’s role encompasses all government relationships whether on a state or municipal level.  She is responsible for the day-to-day office administration, giving oversight to volunteers, and helping to build relationships with potential local business and support opportunities.  Her connections within our town (her home town) are invaluable as she knows almost everyone and is loved and respected by even more.  She has a huge passion to see positive change in the lives of young children, and her reputation as a firm, no-nonsense, go-getter helps put Possibilities House on the map in Linares.  Maria Luisa is presently working on a degree in Business Administration at the Inter-American University of Development.