Our 5 New Siblings with our Operations Directors Rick and Lisa

A few months ago we became aware of a tragic case that caught our attention.  Tragedy had struck a family of 8 children, who suddenly became orphaned after they lost their mom to cancer with their father having previously abandoned them.  Eight children, ranging in age from 5 to 17, were suddenly left alone to fend for themselves in a 2 room shack with no food, little clothing, and no income.  The children quickly became street kids running through the neighborhood at all hours.  The 15 and 16 year old boys started drinking, doing drugs, and beating on the younger ones.  The 17 year old daughter tried to keep order, but quickly lost the battle to the boys and the thugs that would hang around them.  The 12 year old daughter was in physical danger from the thugs, and the small boys were running around the street begging for some food.

When deciding what to do, we were torn.  We had only been open for 5 months and given our new status, our current financial support and donations for the home are not yet at levels to enable us to meet our current operational budget (we are running a deficit).  As such, we were in no financial position to responsibly take in 5 more children.  However, something had to be done before these children met with a very horrific future.   A placement at Possibilities House offered this family Hope.  The kids would have a great chance to grow up in a family-style home, cared for by a ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’, rather than being another kid lost in an institutional setting or worse.  Most of the children would be able to stay together as a family, and we have trained staff and programming committed to helping these kids catch-up from educational lags, and heal from the psychological and physical traumas they experienced.  So as an organization we acted, as we should have, and we rescued these beautiful kids from the street, with the hope that more support will come in the near future. A few weeks ago, we received the youngest 5 children:  Cesar, age 5; Juan, age 6; Fernando, age 8; Eduardo, age 10, and Alondra, age 12.  Their older two brothers and sister will be living elsewhere.
The first morning when they awoke here at Possibilities House we sat and asked little Juan how he slept during the first night in his new home.  He said, “In MY bed. It’s just for me!  Just for me.”  Juan and his 7 siblings always slept on 3 mattresses on the floor. Never in his life had he slept alone.  A single bed just for him was an unbelievable luxury.  About a week later one of our staff was speaking to him again and his comment was, “Do you know we have food here EVERY DAY!”  Yes, we had food everyday Juan. Sometimes we take the basics of life for granted.  Not these kids.  The smiles, the hugs and the beautiful way they have adapted to their new home speaks so loudly to the lost cases they were before.  We are helping them grieve the loss of mom for the first time and showing them what a loving safe environment looks and feels like.  The once dark future is looking quite bright and the children are very thankful.  You can tell by the joy they bring to our home!
Meet our Kids

Meet our Kids

We are still a long way from being able to support them fully.  For that we need your help, you are the secret to giving them the life that they deserve.  Please help us help them.
Please go to Sponsor a Child on our Donation Centre and support one of our kids.  Watch the change, watch the growth… be part of their lives. It’s worth the investment. 
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