Back2Back (and Possibilities House) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. We exist to love and care for orphaned and vulnerable children and families by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.


At Possibilities House children are part of a small family with house parents that provide for all of their needs and ensure they are safe. Here their hurts matter, and they can put aside the fears that have plagued their life up until now. Every child has a voice and is heard. With regular health check-ups, consistent attendance in school, and nutritious meals a child’s mind can relax and focus on kid stuff, such as having fun with friends or discovering their world.
In this environment they begin the process of growth and discovers who they really is.


With a Personal Life Plan developed by people who care, and professionally trained people to help realize it, a child begins to see their own potential. There is a psychologist to help heal emotional wounds and a social worker that works diligently to help restore broken family bonds. At this stage children are able to put more attention into their studies, to learn life skills and to develop strong interpersonal skills. A child begins to feel connected to house parents and family, and develops a sense of truly belonging. Grounded and confident.


The dream of a bright and limitless future is no longer something that they see in movies. In our family settings children are taught life skills and given educational opportunities, extra-curricular activities, cultural and artistic experiences and the chance to discover hidden talents and skills. It is the develppment of the whole person that knows how to love and to be loved and knows where they are going in life. At Possibilities House for Children we are raising children to be independent adults who will never again return to the cycle of generational poverty.


In order to help us achieve and fulfill our mission, Possibilities House has implemented programs, procedures, and standards, to support our 5-point development plan. Each child has a Personal Life Plan, established to support their needs in each of the 5 following areas of Development.

Spiritual Development:
We believe a child cannot develop holistically without the hope that faith can bring. With guidance and teaching through example, children are encouraged in their daily spiritual growth. Development in this area is unique for each child and decisions are made of their own free will. We provide the fertile ground for seeds of faith to be planted and eventually blossom when they are ready. 

Physical Development:
House parents are guided by a multidisciplinary team, including a pediatrician, nutritionist, and a dentist to ensure the children live healthy lives and form healthy habits. Children are learning daily to plan and help prepare healthy meals. They also enjoy regular exercise and extracurriculars to help them grow.

Educational Development:
Children from hard places can experience educational deficiencies. While in our care, they attend  public schools and receive extra support through tutoring, house parents, speech therapists, and volunteers in order to close gaps and promote healthy study habits. Life skills such as gardening, cooking, music, and the use of technology help encourage the exploration of vocational interests. Our goal is to support them through post-secondary education to ensure they become dependent on Jesus, interdependent in their communities, and financially independent and sustainable.

Emotional Development:
The first step in helping children from hard places is to be in secure, stable, and loving environments. Time, patience, therapies, and intentional emotional connection are critical parts of the care each child needs. Our onsite psychologist works with each child to help overcome past traumas and establish healthy attachments.  Social Workers assist the children in maintaining healthy connections with available family members and within the community. All of our staff receive ongoing training in Trauma Competent Care, and with this in place, children are able to overcome traumas they have faced in the past as they prepare for a healthy future. 

Social Development:
It is important for their development for every child to understand their roles and who they are within their families, community, and society. While in our care, children attend public schools, allowing for healthy friendships and relationships with authority figures outside the home. Visits from local and international groups give them a broader exposure to the world around them. They are taught how to participate in the community, team sports, and church programs. We want children to feel an interdependence, or ability to give and receive from the world around them.


Rick & Lisa (Formerly of Ontario Canada) have spent their lives leading children. Rick is a former youth and children’s worker and entertainer and Lisa is a former public-school teacher with Bachelors degrees in Child Development and Education.
DANIEL AND MARLENHarmony House Parents
Daniel and Marlen bring a wealth of experience, understanding, patience, and positive parenting techniques to their home and are great role-models to all of our kids at Possibilities House.
VANESSAAssistant Caregiver
Even the very best need an occasional break. When our caregivers take a little time off, Vanessa is there to fill in and give the children all the love and support they need. She is kind and caring but strong enough to handle even our toughest cases. We are blessed to have her as part of our staff.
Martha Elena assists our children in developing and maintaining healthy external familial relationships. She connects them to community services and schools and ensures that all governmental requirements are met for each child.
JOEL AND VIVIANASerenity House Parents
Joel and Viviana come to us with years of experience in caring for young boys. The relationship between the house parents and the children is vital to our growth as a children’s home. Our kids know they can trust these care givers to love them and care for their needs. That is the foundation for building good adults. We are happy that our boys have such great examples.
In order for children to heal, they have to get down to the root of their problems. Sarahi is gifted in this area and the children totally enjoy their visits with her. They are growing, healing, and seeing their potential in greater ways every day. She also works closely with the house parents and staff to ensure that all of their emotional needs are being met.
LARISAOffice Assistant
Larisa keeps our office in order and ensures that we are meeting all of our deadlines for finances and appointments. She is the welcoming voice the public hears when they connect with us.

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Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.   David Platt