Child Sponsorship

​Possibilities House for Children offers three levels of Child Sponsorship that provide you the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a child's life.   

RESCUE POSSIBILITIES SPONSOR:   With a monthly donation of $45, you are helping to give orphaned or abandoned children a home in a de-institutionalize  family-style enviroment (a Casa with a maximum of 8 kids in a home). Your sponsorship dollars help to cover children’s everyday essential needs such as nutritious food, clean drinking water, clothing, shelter, basic medical expenses and educational expenses, as well as house hold costs.   It also helps provide a salary for the couple whose lives are focused on raising and parenting the children in our family-style home.  As a RESCUE sponsor you will receive an introductory package and be given access to a family Casa facebook page to allow you to stay current on what’s happening at the home. 

RESTORE POSSIBILITIES SPONSOR: With a monthly donation of $100, participation in the RESTORE Possibilities program connects you to an individual child as a "Tio" or "Tia" (Uncle or Aunt). Through this deep interactional sponsorship you are providing a child with extra supports that foster healing and growing in all areas of our 5-Point Child Development Plan.   This plan promotes growth in each of the 5 areas of life including social, educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  For instance, funds derived from your sponsorship may go toward the psychologist’s fees, provides a struggling student with one-on-one educational assistance, provides the learning materials purchased for the “Play with a Purpose” program, materials for participation on a local sports team, or to other opportunities and programs provided by PHFC.  As a RESTORE sponsor you will receive all the same benefits as the Rescue Possibilitlies program plus you will have opportunity to correspond with your sponsored child up to 4 times annually, twice in an Online Video conversation with the child’s home, and twice with written electronic correspondence.  In addition and best of all you will also have the opportunity to visit your child, at the home, during a special annual Resore Possibilities Sponsor Week and make a lifetime connection with the child, whose life you have changed forever. 

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES SPONSOR: With a monthly donation of $250, sponsors of the Endless Possibilities Program enable PHFC to meet large-scale capital or operational needs of the children’s home.  It costs a significant amount of money to raise a child, but it cost even more to provide for the facilities and infrastructure to do so.  As an Endless Possibilities Sponsor you are helping to provide us those critical support dollars to help us maintain, improve, and grow the Possibilities House operation.  At present time we are currently only utilizing 25% of the property, so we have plenty of room for expansion to add more family-style homes, each of which can support 8 more kids.  As an ENDLESS Possibilities sponsor you may choose to be linked to an individual child as in the Restore Possibilities program with the same communication privileges, or you may simply choose to receive quarterly updates on what is happening at Possibilities House.  In addition and best of all you will also have the opportunity to visit the home, during a special annual Endless Possibilities Sponsor Week, to see first hand what your support is providing and to enable you to connect with the children, whose live's you have changed forever. 

Your gift can transform the life of child.  Sponsor a Child and know that your charitable donation is giving both hope and a brighter future to those that are the most vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned children.  Thank You for your Support!

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Casa Serenity ($45/Monthly)
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Endless Possibilities ($250/Month)
  ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES SPONSOR: With a monthly donation of $250, sponsors of the ..
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