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Possibilities House For Children Inc. ("PHFC") is a non-profit registered corporation founded exclusively to provide humanitarian aide for orphaned and abandoned children. In this capacity, Possibilities House serves to provide residential housing, incidental facilities, nutrition, healthcare support, educational support, social development, physical development, emotional development, and a stable "family style" living environment.  Our long term mission is to rescue, redeem, and restore each and every child in our care, positioning them to break the cycle of poverty which is predominate with orphans graduating from traditional institutional care, giving them a sense of true value and worth, enabling them to be a positive influence within their community and society at large, and providing them with hope for a future with limitless possibilities.

5-Point Child Development Plan

5-Point Child Development Plan

In order to help us achieve and fulfill our mission, Possibilities House has implemented programs, procedures, and standards, in support of Possibilities House orphan care, according to a 5-point development plan that will address the following areas:

Physical Development:  Physical development provides children with the abilities they need to explore and interact efficiently and effectively with the world around them. To ensure proper physical development, PHFC will continuously develop and execute a plan to ensure that all basic physical development needs are implemented and managed for each child. Physical development includes, but is not limited to: regular medical, dental, and vision care, nutritious meals 3 times daily, proper clothing, clean drinking water, safe shelter, understanding of ones body, personal health and nutrition, sex education, childbirth and life skills,  proper rest, activities to facilitate cardiovascular fitness, promote muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and balance, and to manage each child’s lifestyle and schedule to provide a balance between physical and sedentary activities.

Educational Development: It is a core belief of PHFC that when children have access to education, they are significantly more likely to become self-sustaining individuals who contribute positively in their community and break free from a cycle of poverty. To see this goal realized, PHFC will continuously develop and execute a plan to ensure that all basic and extended educational development needs are implemented and managed for each child. Educational development includes, but is not limited to: ensure children are properly enrolled in the public education system, provide children with the transportation to and from schooling (as required), ensure children have proper uniforms and school materials (as required), assist with or cover the cost associated with any tuition fees, tutor children who are struggling academically, provide reading and writing programs within the home to further advance child learning, provide additional international learning for subjects typically outside the scope of the local education system, educate on self-sufficient farming, provide opportunities for experiential learning, educate all children in the English language, educate on family living activities, roles and responsibilities, educate the children personal health and nutrition, sex education, childbirth and life skills,  establish and partner with donors and educators to enable full or partial college scholarships through bursaries, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to children who exhibit skill levels for post elementary education.

Emotional Development: Many orphaned children suffer from psychological issues as a result of past abuse, neglect, and abandonment. By implementing a non-institutional family style home having caregivers living alongside the children, Possibilities House can gain their trust and begin a dialogue of recovery. To ensure proper emotional development, PHFC  will continuously develop and execute a plan to ensure that all basic emotional development needs are implemented and managed for each child. Emotional development includes, but is not limited to: addressing issues such as anxiety, depression and attachment disorders through proper counseling, provide consistent behaviour with love as the underlying motivation, educate on group and individual interaction and behavioural control, dealing with issues of self-will, tantrums, stubbornness, and negativism, and establish a sense of value and worth of both self, within the family, and community.

Social Development: The development of the social health of a child is essential to their appropriate behaviour, understanding of life, integration into society, and transition to adulthood. Social development helps shape a child into what they will become later in life by teaching proper reactions to both logical, and emotional matters. To ensure proper social development, PHFC will continuously develop and execute a plan to ensure that all basic social development needs are implemented and managed for each child. Social development includes, but is not limited to: education of tolerance and understanding and acceptance of difference, education on basic trust vs mistrust, acting with autonomy and under direction of groups, education on effective leadership, learning to share and be generous of heart, valuing others and material possessions, dealing with conflicts, sexual education (when of appropriate age), understanding the value of and handling financial affairs, understanding the value of family and community, understanding consequence of actions, establishing positive and constructive decision making skills, and establishing a set of core values in which to serve as a basis for societal and community integration.

Spiritual Development: Although Possibilities House is structured as a secular charitable organization, it is realized and understood that spiritual development can provide significant value and can establish a positive influence within a community. It is understood that the Christian-based faith represents over 80% of the population of Mexico and that the cultural development of the nation is based upon such beliefs. To ensure proper spiritual development, PHFC  will continuously develop and execute a plan to ensure that all basic spiritual development needs are implemented and managed for each child.  Spiritual development includes, but is not limited to: supporting the child’s right to freedom of religion, education and understanding of the predominant religions and common practices within the community in which the children interact, education and participation in community activities, rituals, and celebrations, educate in religious tolerance and acceptable evangelism, and  incorporate a spiritual component into the core values of the child that serve as a basis for societal and community integration.  


Possibilities House Core Values

Cove Values

CHILDREN: We believe that every child is unique and beautiful and worthy of the very best that we can give them. There is no such thing as a bad child or a hopeless case.  Each child has unique talents and gifts.  They cannot all be treated the same but they can all be loved the same! Children have a voice, they need to be heard, and we will listen because children are not only our future. They are our present, and they can make a difference even now.  They are worthy our time, our resources, and our effort.  The future of Mexico will be made or broken by today’s children.

RELATIONSHIPS: We believe that EVERYTHING we do is based in relationships!  Whether it is family, children, staff, our community, society in general… it is all relationship.  We also know that good relationships don’t just happen; they need to be taught, modeled and cultivated daily.  We need to be transparent, real and very intentional in the way that we relate to one another.  We will be honest and above board in our dealings with everyone we are in relationship with.  It is the only way that we can teach children to exist properly in this relational world in which they live.

INTEGRITY: We will not just talk the talk, we will walk the walk… we will live what we say.  We will be honest, trustworthy, transparent, good stewards of everything that is put into our hands whether big or small.  We will make ourselves accountable and refuse to veer to the left or to the right!  We will be that way whether we are being watched or not, whether everyone else does it differently or not.  We will do it whether anyone cares or not because WE care.

WE VALUE ADVANCEMENT: WE BELIEVE IN CONSTANTLY PUSHING FORWARD.  We will do everything and anything in our power to advance the cause of the orphan and marginalized child.  We will try new ideas, new programs and new methods.  We will never be stuck in a “that’s the way it’s always been done” way of thinking.  If something doesn’t work – we will throw it out – we will take risks – we will constantly reflect on practices and change what needs to change.  We know that we cannot grow if we are not willing to change.  We will consider ourselves to be in a constant state of growth and learning.

EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE: We believe that education brings freedom and opportunity and children have access to education are significantly more likely to become self-sustaining individuals who contribute positively in their community and break free from a cycle of poverty.  Therefore we will invest deeply in the elementary, secondary and post-secondary education of our children.  However we also believe that every day and every situation is an educational opportunity. We will seek out the interests, skills, and talents of each child and cultivate them daily.  We will encourage children to follow their dreams and help them plot a course to see those dreams fulfilled.  Whether a child wishes to be a doctor, lawyer, artist, musician, mechanic or the next president of this country, we will help them get there.

EXCELLENCE: We believe that we need to strive for excellence in our thoughts, our actions, our words... every part of our daily lives.  We will not settle for second rate a half-hearted effort.  We know that if we do, that is all we will ever achieve.  If we want to teach children that they can live a life of limitless possibilities, we have to set a higher standard.  Some say that excellence is impossible but we WILL TRY.  We will shoot for the moon and believe that all things are possible.  We are not afraid to dream big.

HEALING: We believe that every child is a holistic being… they have physical, emotional, spiritual, social and educational needs.  We also believe that every child that comes into our care will need healing in one or more of these areas.  If they were not hurting they would not be here! We will not stop at just rescuing a child.  Through professional counsel and intentional programming we will seek the complete restoration and redemption of every life in our care so that they can become active, contributing, whole members of society.

SERVICE: We believe that we do not exist to be served; we exist to serve.  We will instill in each child the FACT that they have value; the fact that they have something to give.  Through their talents, capabilities, intelligence and even the surplus of what they have in their hands, they can be GIVERS.  It is a different mentality; it is a way of thinking that says, “I have more worth when I am giving something away.  I will never be a passive receiver, I will be an active contributor.  When I serve others it enriches their lives. When I enrich the lives of others, I am enriched myself!"

 All of the things that we value at Possibilities House, we value because…

WE VALUE LOVE:  Love is at the core of everything we do. Love is our driving force.  Love is our motivation.  Love is the reason that we do what we do!  We love kids of all ages, shapes and sizes!  We love each other even when we don’t agree!  We will teach, model and cultivate love because we believe it is the one force that can change this world and we want to see this world change.


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